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 Dragon Nest Private Server

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PostSubject: Dragon Nest Private Server   Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:53 pm

FIRST : Please don't delete this thread this an event from my game

Please visit us at : www,bluedn,com and www,dnfires,com


www-bluedn-com or www-dnfires-com


¡¶BLUEDN AND DNFIRES SERVER¡·£¬ the characters has 7 classes . We did reasonable settings, you will have the best experience while playing game. it has good internet speeds all over the world. No Disconnetion and No Delays. Server will be good for 10 years or more. Many active players more than 2000~3000 players are active each day.

Game rating up to 80 levels

1.New costumes, wings, props,open dragon jade

2. Gift costumes, wings, boxes, mount when you level up

3. Enhancement 1 level to 13 level, 15 level to 18 level is 100% successful. Up to 30level weapon and armor enchantments.
4. level up EXP *50% (1-60), EXP*20% (61-70) EXP*10% (70-80)

5. fix all costume's attribute *20%, and set *20%

6.[VIP priviledge] everyday vip fatigue increase from 150 to 30000 vip's exp bonus increase from 10% to 100%

7. explosion odds*15% gold drop rate*15% ,pet level up exp*100%

8. Pandora Boxes can open everything (S wings, S mount, S accessory, L item, etc.)

9. All nest have 4x limit (ex. Guardian Nest 0/22 )

10. Legendary Dragon Set Ready

Please visit us at : www,bluedn,com and www,dnfires,com
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PostSubject: reply   Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:56 pm

“BONUS KOIN 15% SPESIAL TAHUN BARU IMLEK” Isi Koinnya Dan Dapatkan Tambahan Koin Sebanyak 15%..
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Dragon Nest Private Server
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